What to read when you are lonely ?

Mostly, music is recommended in case of loneliness. But there are some books that have a great therapeutic effect in case of loneliness. Some books are full of mysterious feelings that you can read when you are lonely. Find out what you can read when you are lonely.

Romantic novels

Since loneliness is a feeling of abandonment and reclusion, a love story will do the trick. First of all, reading a novel allows you to escape, to forget your distressed state. When you start reading a love story, you are likely to find yourself in it. The author draws an imaginary reality that inevitably touches a nerve. The characters, the words in the book offer you a remedy that you were missing. Because the lack of love is the cause of loneliness, you find this love by living the characters. Whatever kind of love you are missing, a romantic novel will be a balm for you.

Crime novels


Crime novels are novels of justice. The feeling of being alone can be caused by injustice. Reading a detective story and following the plots is fascinating and helps to drown the loneliness. When the loner experiences the traumas of the characters, it can make him or her feel better. Because at the end of crime novels there is always an end of justice, the reader feels vindicated. It is like a therapy that he follows through the places and characters. The facts and emotions seem familiar to him and he drowns in them.

Adventure novels

Adventure is even more magical when it is experienced through the lines of a book. The lonely spirit travels step by step through the places suggested by the book in his hand.  The reader can take a walk through the world. In the same book, he can experience the reality of other parts of the world. Among these realities, he can, for example, find a remedy for his loneliness. He escapes from the chains of loneliness.

Personal development books

This is also recommended reading. Authors have gone through terrible events and written about them in a book.  From the solutions provided in these books, the loner can get rid of his or her pain.



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