What to Read When You are Bored: All You Need to Know


Are you bored and don’t know what to read? In that case, you need not worry since we have compiled a list of genres you can consider reading if you are bored below.



Here’s What You Need to Read When Bored


Horror Books

If you love watching horror movies, why not consider reading a horror book. This will undoubtedly keep you entertained since you will want to imagine what’s going on in the book deeply. However, you need to be aware that reading horror books at night can be terrifying compared to watching a horror movie. 

Some horrors books you can consider are;

  • Hell House – R.Matheson
  • The Stand – S.King
  • Haunted – C.Palahniuk
  • Dawn – O.Butler
  • The Ruins – S.Smith
  • Bird Box – J.Malerman
  • Ghost Story – P.Straub

Romantic Books

Undoubtedly, romantic books are what you need to read if you love the romance genre. In this way, this can make your dream of living a similar romantic story and eventually help you get rid of boredom. 

You can consider books such as;

  • The Notebook
  • Me Before You
  • Pride and Prejudice
  • Outlander
  • It Ends With Us
  • The Proposal
  • The Hating Game
  • Vision In White

Suspense Books

Suspense books will imperatively get rid of boredom. As you will read, you will want to read more to discover the truth. Therefore, consider choosing a book filled with suspense to read.

Some Suspense books you can consider are,

  • And Then There Were None
  • Before I Go To Sleep
  • Bird Box
  • The Couple Next Door
  • Fingersmith
  • The Husband’s Secret


Have you ever consider reading a book that you have already watched the movie version of? If not, consider doing so since this will be fun when you try imagining the characters differently. For instance, in a book, your imagination can differ from what it is from the movie.

Some book-to-movie books you can consider are;

  • Harry Potter
  • All the Light We Cannot See
  • American Wife
  • Days Without End
  • Fates and Furies
  • The Gallagher Girls series

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